Westinghouse is inviting technology providers to join a collaborative hub with access to world-class people and facilities to advance developments in game changing technologies within power generation, industrial and medical applications.

The wide variety of advanced nuclear technologies and related industrial and medical applications currently under development will define the future of clean energy and nuclear medicine in the UK and globally. There are clear synergies apparent across these technologies, and their future deployment across power generation, industrial applications, nuclear clean-up and medical uses. By co-locating on one nuclear licensed site, these synergies can be leveraged through shared use of facilities, services and the continued development of new skills and collaborations.

The Clean Energy Technology Park will act as a collaborative innovation hub facilitating the research and development, testing and verification required to accelerate the development of these advanced nuclear technologies to commercialisation.

The Clean Energy Technology Park builds on the Nuclear Innovation Programme sponsored by BEIS with significant focus on the Advanced Fuel Cycle Programme to develop the new fuel technologies required to underpin future nuclear power generation in the UK and globally. By working with Westinghouse, NNL and other private companies and academia, developers have access to the world-leading fuel cycle expertise required to develop new fuel technologies and fuel routes.

Together, we will create a cleaner more sustainable world.

The Clean Energy Technology Park will bring together a wide range of technologies through collaborations and partnerships with Westinghouse, which together will create a one stop shop for nuclear materials management.

Co-location at the Clean Energy Technology Park provides access to the full range of existing infrastructure and capabilities available at the Springfields site from waste characterisation, packaging, consignment and transport, through to receipt, storage, sort and segregation, treatment and final disposal. Sharing these facilities will allow the development of bespoke solutions to bring value for money to a wide range of customers in the UK and globally.

Westinghouse has a wide range of processing plants and over 25 years’ experience in the recovery of uranium from residues, oxides and metals. The site has experience with reprocessed and low-irradiated Uranium and the nuclear site license allows uranium up to 100% U-235 enrichment.

Westinghouse has developed, delivered and operated cost-effective waste technologies and systems for the treatment of radioactive waste for more than 25 years.

Find out more about the latest collaboration between Westinghouse, Perma-Fix and Campoverde who are establishing the BPU Thermal Treatment Technology and associated Services for European customers at the Westinghouse Clean Energy Technology Park, Springfields.

Examples of Westinghouse’s waste treatment products and services include:

  • Site radwaste treatment facility
  • Sorting and compaction facility for low-level waste (LLW)
  • Cementation facility
  • Drum dryer facility
  • Decontamination boxes
  • Segregation boxes
  • Hot resin supercompaction
  • Mobile cementation
  • Mobile supercompactor
  • Mobile waste watertreatment

Westinghouse manufactures more types of nuclear fuel globally than any other supplier. No company is more focused on nuclear fuel reliability. The Springfields site is already supplying fuel to deliver 32% of the UK’s low carbon energy.

The Westinghouse Springfields site is home of the Oxide Fuels Complex, one of the world’s leading fuel fabrication facilities. 32% of the UK’s low carbon electricity comes from fuel manufactured in this plant, making it a strategic national asset.

The Oxide Fuels Complex brings together advanced manufacturing techniques and a relentless drive for operational excellence to deliver the highest quality of nuclear fuel to our customers.

The Clean Energy Technology Park provides access to our expertise in advanced manufacturing capabilities, robotic and digital technologies enabling the development and demonstration of advanced nuclear technologies with the potential to accelerate to full commercialisation in existing or bespoke facilities